A Study in Pink

A monochromatic look makes for the perfect minimalistic outfit. I love how this two piece sweater dress is so versatile as I can choose to wear them together like this or wear the top or skirt separately in another look. It also helps that this chic pairing is super warm since the Canadian winters can be quiet harsh sometimes.

Coffee Date

It's been a while since I've updated this blog and the fact that I am writing this update post almost feels as if I was writing my first ever blog post all over again. I wanted to update you guys on what i've been up to since my last post back in April. Yes i know it's been THAT long... I've totally skipped out on the summer season and went straight to fall. But anyways, better late then never.

The Boyfriend x TwoTwoShoes

I've been searching for a pair of boyfriend jeans for the longest time and finally, i came across the perfect pair this weekend at Zara. I've always found that the baggy-ness of the boyfriend jeans made my hips look really wide. This one seem to have just the right fit and the right amount of fabric without making me look too bottom heavy. As many of you know I'm not much of a pant person as my closet is made up of 95% dresses and skirts so this was a big win for me.

The First

It's been a busy/amazing/tiring/exciting start of 2016. With birthday celebrations and wedding shows to fill my schedule it's hard to believe that we are still in January. I've been so focus on my wedding planning business that it pretty much took up time from my blog here. After a few shows and client meetings I was able to squeeze in a quick shoot this weekend. My love for midi skirts is undeniable. They are my perfect go-to piece when i am running around inbetween appointments; not only are they super comfortable and appropriate for meetings they give me the flexibility i need to be moving around. You'll be surprised as to how much hands on work a wedding planner does. We don't just stand there and look pretty you know, we just want brides to think that ^_^

Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel Review

Hello everyone, is it too late to say Happy New Year? Technically not really right i mean we're still in the first month of the year. Usually with the new year comes many changes as we all try to get rid of bad habits and old items to make room for new ones. Thanks to the team at Laneige, I was able to upgrade my skincare products. I received a couple of items however I will be reviewing just the Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel today. I'll save the others for another post.

The Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel is more of an exfoliator than a peel with mini Konjac beads to help buff away dead skin cells and impurities. The product claims to gently polishes skin for a smooth complexion, provide anti- inflammatory benefits from Sogurty - a specialized fermented yogurt and is formulated with various berry extracts to deliver nutrition and antioxidants deep into the skin. It is to be applied to wet skin and then gently massaged in circular motion. I have yet to try it on dry skin, as other users have said it gives it a more powerful scrub. The peeling gel smells like berries but like most Laneige products the smell isn't overpowering.

Overall, my experience with the Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel is a positive one. I like that the peeling gel is extremely gentle and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and squeaky clean (literally). It is available at Sephora for $29 (120ml) which is decent compared to other brands. I would recommend this product to people with sensitive skin who wants a gentle yet effective exfoliatior.