Walking with Clarks

Clarks has been designing comfortable footwear since 1825. Widely known for their iconic Desert Boot introduced in 1950 by Nathan Clark has continue to be the footwear of choice over the decades. What a lot of people might not have known (including myself) is that Clarks has found the perfect balance between comfort and style. Just because something is comfortable doesn't mean that it can't be fashion forward and vic versa.

The team at Clarks USA has reached out to me to be apart of their Clarks Trendsetter Blogger program and I feel absolutely honoured. To be honest, while shopping through their site I was surprised to find a variety of styles that were available for all types of shoeaholics. Did you know that Clarks even has a Wedding Collection? I feel that Clarks is doing a great job keeping up with the fashion industry while staying true to their reputation of comfortable footwear.

The Clarks heels I received are actually on my list of top 5 heels to wear. They are super comfortable (not surprising) and trendy. I've actually gotten a lot of compliment when I wore them and every person was surprised when I told them that they were from Clarks. I have a whole new appreciation for Clarks and I can't wait to see what is next from the designers at Clarks USA.