Crystal Clear

Happy Monday everyone, can you believe that Christmas is just 3 days away? For those of you that are still running around trying to check off everyone on your Christmas list, don't forget about your outfits. A lot of us (myself included) sometimes get so focus on everything that needs to be done before the big day that we tend to forget to plan what to wear. To be honest, I'm still searching for my Christmas and new year dress but at least I got my accessories out of the way. 

I was recently gifted this beautiful Clearer Light necklace from Lavender Moon which is perfect for the holiday season. Lavender Moon was founded by a Toronto blogger name Emily Chan who has a great appreciation of fashion. She developed her love for fashion at a young age and is constantly looking to expand her creative outlet. I would definitely keep checking back for new items. 

P.s. my favourite part was the personal note I received with my necklace. ^_^

Lemon drop

I've been obsessed with this boucle coat lately especially after my lasik eye surgery, it is all i've been reaching for. The coat is the perfect length and cut for any look. Here i wore it over a simple tee and leggings with a pastel scarf. Don't you think i look so comfy? So anyways, i am still on my road to recovery and can only be on the computer for short period of times. I'll update you guys soon.