This is Brooklyn

Sometimes comfort is all you need. 

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Cobalt elegance

So here i am once again with another cobalt piece. I love the versatility of this colour; Not only does it look great on all skin tones, it also a great transitional colour into fall. You can probably still see it lingering around with fall just around the corner. It goes well with both gold and silver accessories no wonder it is a favourite of many fashionistas! Happy Tuesday ^_^

Pumped up kicks

I get asked a lot of times if i prefer working or school and to be honest, i was never much of a school person. I mean i like fashion and all, which was what i majored in, but i never really enjoyed studying. I rather be in the sewing room making clothes then writing an essay about the history of costume (seriously) Haha.. i mean well who really wants to write essays anyways? well this outfit brings me back to first year. If i was to go back, this would probably be my first day of school outfit.