Mission: Black Friday Haul

Just a quick post about Black Friday!! Although i've never had the chance to experience black friday in the states (i heard it's pretty crazy) i think retailers did a pretty good job of bringing the experience up north to us canadians. This year was the first year where malls have even contributed to the high demand by extending their hours. Lucky for me, i work on top of a mall and of course could not pass up on a sale like this! I just simply went to work super early like all the other crazy shopaholics. Personally though, I thought that the sales could have been better but what can you do, a sales a sale. ^_^ and with that mentally i did however pick up a few things. [=

And this is why i love to collect shoe boxes ^_^

How was your black friday? Did you guys find any good deals?

Furry Days

Taking advantage of the little sun that we have this weekend, i pulled out my fur collar sweater. Not only is it super warm and cozy, everytime i wear this sweater it makes me feel like such a boss. haha, i'm kidding. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!

Juicy Couture sweater | Forever 21 skinny jeans | Aldo heels | Louis Vuitton Speedy