Juicy Couture grand opening

So today i went to the shopping party at Juicy Couture to promo their grand opening at Eaton centre. They said it is their first full concept store and i have to say it looks amazing. The store is divided into three sections starting with purses and jewellery at the front. There is a lounge area in the middle and at the back end of the store is where (i assume, didn't get a chance to go see) you find their higher price line.  Everything from the wall decor to the placement of items is exquisite.

As a welcome gift we were given a gift card to spend at the store so of course i had to try on a couple of items. My favourite look was a cardigan paired with a silk tank and shorts. It was a really cute outfit but totally out of my price range; the total of the 3 items was about $400!! Instead, i chose a watch [= yay!! I had my eye on a marc jacobs one but i was quite disappointed when i tried it on in new york and the face was too big for my wrist; But this one was just perfect.

Overall, this is a great store to check out. They have lovely associates that are oh so fashionable and can dress you from head to toe 

I really wish i brought my camera, blackberry pictures just don't do justice

here's a close up of my watch. lol it still has the plastic on

Vacay time - Punta Cana!!

In about a few hours' time i will be lying on the beach soaking
in the sun somewhere along here. Punta Cana [=

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is one of the many popular Caribbean destinations, (well atleast amongst my friends) with clear blue waters and soft white sand. It is sunny, tropical and filled with various things to do, not to mention all you can eat and drink!! Oh im getting so excited just talking about it!!

Well anyways i don't really like to tan probably because i'm asian BUT no worries i have decided to come out of my shell and embrace the hot sunny weather [= (seriously no umbrellas, no trees, no shade.) Heehee, See you in a week's time Canada!!

p.s. am i missing anything?
Testing out the Hero 2 camera!! 

New York mini haul + Bluberi beauty bar

Every job has it's perks and with mine i got to go away for a few days!! Although that sounds pretty fun, my schedule was super packed with meetings and trend shopping. However, between work stuff i was able to squeeze in a bit of time for myself. [=

The Affinia hotel

Stumptown coffee!! definitely a place to drop by,
although im not a coffee drinker their cappucino was amazing

My mini haul:
Babydoll dress, victoria secret bikini & lotion,  stumptown coffee,
 benefits foundation, & i heart new york tee

On a side note, for those of you in toronto you might want to check out Bluberi beauty bar. I got my nails done there over the weekend, just look at the skill level of their nail artists!! I doubt i could ever do nail art like that ]=. But if you ever get a chance grab a couple of your girlfriends and give this place a try