The Last Part

No matter how much we wish for summer to stick around longer we can't help but notice the shorter days and cooler mornings. Although fall is my least favourite season of the year i'm secretly excited for the cool weather. Layering outfits provides a bigger medium to play with, the mix and match of colour and different textures. I'm also super excited to start boot shopping again to add to my overflowing shoe closet. Heehee. What are you looking to add to your wardrobe this season??

Forever 21 dress | Michael Kors ring tote | Paprika booties | Juicy Couture watch | Asos bow ring | Expression knee highs

Hidden Gem

Being in Toronto for all my life I'm still amazed at how little i actually know about the city. Yesterday i discovered for the first time the beauty of the west end. Located south of dundas was a beautiful neighbourhood (I'm not quite sure which area this is considered but it was gorgeous!), every house on the street was unique and each one had a history. It really changed my perspective of Toronto and made me wonder what else i've been missing.

Did you know that every year you can come here and watch the salmons jump upstream. Although no salmons were spotted yet I'm sure it would be an amazing thing to see. The determination of the fish trying over and over again and then the satisfation they must feel once they jump over the ledge....epic. hahah ^_^. My dad said that it should happen around fall so our family is definitely going to go back again for another chance to see the salmons.

H&M blouse | Urban Behaviour jeans | Costa Blanca X flats | Asos necklace | Michael Kors ring tote | 

Pink mint {part.2}

So this long overdue post is finally up! In my previous post i asked for your opinion on how the hem on  my maxi dress should be finished. From all the comments it seems like it was pretty hard for you guys to decide too. But here it is *drum roll*..........

I think the dress looks pretty cute short too. ^_^ (all thanks to the wind)
Also just a reminder ladies, you can still get your Lylas bracelets before their launch in 
October. You can read the previous post here
Reference code: leftinpink.lylas

J.yeoh maxi dress | Forever 21 bow belt | Aldo heels | Tiffany & co. bracelet | Lylas Bracelet | Louis Vuitton zippy wallet